one more song about moving along the highway

can't say much of anything that's new.

so i'll say, again, please go vote, people. you've only got a few hours left.

over the weekend, i was sent on the road for a couple of assignments, including the funeral of marine cpl. adrian robles in scottsbluff (follow link for pictures of the funeral).

scottsbluff isn't a very big town; the response of the community to the loss of a native son was overwhelming and powerful. the ceremony at the church overflowed, and close to 300 patriot guard riders stood outside. for the two-mile route to the cemetery, very few stretches of road lacked locals holding american flags and paying respect to the soldier.

the war may be unpopular, but that doesn't mean that we don't owe respect to robles. it was heartening to see this kind of regard for this young man and his family.


seriously. go exercise your right to vote.