canon 5d for sale.

edit: ***AND SOLD!!!***


it's time for me to sell my two-year-old 5d. admittedly, i'm going to be sad to see it go, but i haven't used it much since i started at the world-herald, so i guess it's time to place it in a more appreciative home.

as far as its condition goes, it's well loved, no doubt, but looks nearly new as i've had it wrapped in gaffer tape but for a few days of its tenure. i'm not sure how many actuations it's had; it's seen a fair amount of action. over the summer, i sent it into the repair shop for some mirror problems that are apparently inherent to 5ds. they fixed and cleaned it. i've not had any other trouble.

so anyway, i'm looking for a good home, as i apparently have grown emotionally attached to the inanimate object. make an offer to alyssa_schukar at yahoo dot com. if you're a student, i'm likely to try to give you a price break. it comes with the charger and three batteries.