i am the bat. the night is mine.


the sun sets over mitchell, south dakota, as christian bale (of batman begins fame) glows from my hampton inn television. i apologize for the variation on a theme. as nine-year-old alyssa would say, "so sue me!"

i'm on the road this week with mike for my last assisting gig with malone and co. also and not surprisingly, i am out of sprint phone coverage. for those of you who are interested in getting a hold of me, i recommend texting or emailing me at alyssa_schukar at yahoo dot com.

we're staying busy, but i find myself playing catch up on computer work in the evenings as i forlornly watch the sun set. as it turns out, i've got a lot of deadlines to hit right now. you'd better believe i'm getting those "to do list" items checked off one by one, even if it causes me to be despondent! heh.

thanks, everyone, for the kind words of congratulations. i feel really lucky and humbled to be in the spot i'm in and am just ecstatic about what the next few months and years hold.