i'm alive, and the artificial light is shining down.


i'm currently out in north platte, nebraska where i've been shooting the miss rodeo nebraska competition. shortly, i and the four queen candidates will be headed over to the wild west arena for the coronation at the buffalo bill rodeo.

a special thanks goes out to kathy and doug wenz (parents of the incomparable johnny wenz) who were kind enough to put me up for the last couple of nights. tonight i'm headed back to omaha. if you'd like to help the four-hour drive go a little faster, you should send me a text message (i'm on roam!) as to which song or album i should listen to. it'll be like you're controlling my ipod! remotely!

also, there have been all kinds of changes in my life, most of which are good and have directly lead to me having less free time. expect another blog update in the near future for details.