the rodeo queens are hardcore. i'm not sure how familiar you readers are on the goings-on of a rodeo queen pageant (i certainly wasn't until last week), but basically these girls participate in a four-day procession of always being "on," of always being aware that they are in competition to win the crown. they're busy late into the evening and then up again before the sun to do their hair and makeup. as i said, they're hardcore.

speaking of, as many of you know, i have had the good fortune of not being hardcore for the last year. i've been able to carry a late-into-the-night sleep schedule as i have freelanced in and around omaha. early mornings? if i didn't have to, i just didn't do them! well, all of that has changed, as i alluded to in my last post. i recently accepted a job as an assistant at the omaha-based commercial photography studio malone and company (check 'em out! they've got some really cool work). no, it's not a shooting job, but i can tell you that i've already learned a ton and expect that that'll continue. even if i weren't learning so much about lighting, it'd still be a great place to go and just listen to the ideas bouncing around the photographers' heads. it's inspiring.

and though my sleep schedule has changed and i start thinking about bed before we've crossed over into the new day, i'm happy and expect my time at the company to be great.