the surf has swallowed me up.

(near uvita, costa rica)

yes, that's right -- trip pictures again. that's how i operate. i wait until you have given up on ever seeing new ones again, then --pow!--, new ones, just like album reissues...except less cool.

in an effort to stave off staring at the ceiling and thinking about how awesome ace of base is, i've been doing a lot of computer and specifically photo work, which drove me to ace of base in the first place. it's cyclical, really.

as i hinted at in my last post, there will be some changes to fstop-go! these change will be under the surface for the most part. i.e. the archive will be limited to the previous three months, rather than the entire history of the blog; also, i will be supplementing the blog with a recent work page on my new, fancy pants website, which has been designed by the illustrious tim lytvinenko and is within inches of being finished. and finally, i hope to create posts with a little more substance in text.

time will tell how i pull it off.