ace of base.

(the oregon state baseball team dog piles catcher mitch canham after the beavers defeated the north carolina tar heels 9-3 in game two of the college world series finals at rosenblatt stadium in omaha, neb., on sunday, june 24, 2007.)

it's hard to believe that a year has already passed since last year's college world series. an unexpected phone call from the corvallis (oregon) gazette-times on thursday placed me back at the final two games of the series on saturday and sunday.

if you'd like to see more of my shots from the games, visit my page.

other than a bit of college world series-related business, i've been kept busy with other, even cooler things, like friends visiting and omaha-moving and familial hangings out.

today, i even did my quarterly tax estimates.

gee, being grown up is great.

and now, after a full day of computer work, i cannot sleep, but it's good because, you see, there's nothing like a moderate amount of sleeplessness to make me update my blog.

so, right now, i'm listening to interpol's album "turn on the bright lights" (with the lights off) and hoping that my eyes will begin to droop soon. if they don't, i'm sure i can find other ways to spend the bible black pre-dawn. for instance, i could read; i could prepare my little bloggy for some upcoming changes; i could color correct the raw files from my central and south american adventure (yeah. the pictures i keep promising to deal with); or heck, i could stare at the ceiling for a while and think about how awesome ace of base was, is and forever shall be.