me and my friend the cat.

ok, that's actually a yawn, not a hiss. finally, my cat and i have something to talk about. we have something in common -- we're tired. i've been surprised to find in the week and a day that i've been back that i am excessively busy, despite my overwhelmingly obvious (to me) lack of a steady source of income.

but know that things are good, and i'm still excited about the next few months, about making this freelance thing work, about striking out on my own. in fact, i started my freelance career on friday, with a shoot for the world-herald. things are happening.

and it's good to be back, and it's great to see people, and it fantastic to sleep in the same bed for more than one day, and it's exciting to tackle that mile-long to-do list i have written down in my notebook.

just like catching up on my sleep, more blog posts, too, will come in time. soon, even. maybe tomorrow, perhaps in a week, possibly in a month.

they will come.