shout bamalama.

brandon kelley, 7, shouts for passing cars to stop for 25 cent cups of koolaid on thursday, june 1, 2006 outside his council bluffs home. though kelley said he hoped he would be able to get at least a million dollars from koolaid profits, the close to ten dollars they had gathered by mid-morning was a good start.

holy moley, it is hot. but let me tell you, no matter how long the high in omaha is above 100 degrees, very, very little will get me to drink the koolaid this little guy is selling again. i even gave him 50 cents, so he made twice the profit. but he was business-minded and made at least twice the volume of koolaid that a koolaid pack intends. think about that. that means i gave him four times the amount i should have for half the flavor i was expecting.

i see a bright future for brandon, even if he struggles a little with keeping his sign right side up.