he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke the same cigarrettes as me.

there are very few people with whom i work as well as i do with my good pal kris kolden. i've always found that we are able to meet each other halfway and that the end product is completely joint. i have to think that it's pretty unique to find someone so easy to work with.

well, we decided a few months ago that we wanted to do a portrait series of our friends. some pretty lame ideas were tossed around on both sides, but we ended up trying to make the series something that our friends would enjoy just as much as we would. above is the end product (view larger version). we kept it pretty simple, asking the subjects to bring in an object that says something about them. we had everyone pose with a cigarette to give the series a sense of connection but also because, let's face it, smoking looks cool.

our hope is that our friends will take the photos of themselves and each other and use them to remember the time they had in lincoln. it's coming to a close for most of us, including kris and me, and i think i speak for most everyone when i say that the friendships i made in college have changed me for the rest of my life.

i will admit, though, that the project's not quite done. i hope to continue to take these smoking portraits as i grow as a person and photographer. some friends will be gained, some friends will slip through the cracks, but at least i've got something to remember all of them by.

*sappy post ends now*