counting flowers on the wall, that don't bother me at all.

thankfully, major forms of preparation for my trip to florida can wait another month, yet, but i've embarked on a trip down memory lane in another way to get ready for the move. i've decided that, in addition to the smokes portraits, i am going to make prints of other pictures that i or my friends have shot of each other. in my search of said photographs, i stumbled across this picture of one of my favorite people, laura schreier. we made a shopping trip with friends krystal overmeyer and melissa lee to kansas city in the fall. i'm not even sure now why i took the photograph, but it's probably one of my favorites in the pile of friend photographs. i'm pretty sure that anyone who knows laura would recognize that surly look from a mile away. sometimes pictures of those closest to me can be the most long-lasting and personally meaningful.