ring of fire.

what can i say? i'm kind of a sucker for two-tone pictures anymore.

during out venture west in july, quentin and i spent one of our nights at the sherman reservoir near loup city, nebraska. it was a beautiful evening spent kicking the soccer ball around and lazing about the camp that was empty but for us. we were fortunate enough to have temps in the upper 60s and a cool breeze that kept most of the insects moving along. we even cooked dinner and s'mores over the campfire, though admittedly, we struggled to keep the fire going, despite having stopped in lincoln to "borrow" some dry firewood from my uncle (thanks, uncle steve!).

though we had great luck in scoring a beautiful sunset and dusk, we had worse fortune when 1 a.m. rolled around with a thunderstorm in tow. needless to say, we slept in my car as the wind whipped around the car and the rain soaked through our lonely tent.