bad news bears, meet the good news bears


well, the south soccer team lost last tuesday night. thankfully, though, they had enough of a winning season to secure the wildcard. they will, in fact, be at the state tournament. phew!

it was an emotional roller coaster of a night for the players and coaches. they saw the season end only to find out half an hour later that they made the tournament. they were all pretty disappointed with how the game turned out, but it was cool to see them boost each others' spirits. in the picture above, they hadn't yet found out that they had won the wildcard, but they were already telling stories, most of which started with "remember when..." and ended in uproarious laughter.

i know that not very many of you readers are in the omaha area, but if you are, i hope to see you at the game at 4p today at morrison stadium.

also, if you're interested, you can click on the world-herald front below to read a story (and see a pic of mine, i reckon) on the presence of mostly latino teams at the state tournament this year.