pocket change: share the wealth


i had a weird october that involved many late nights and a number of early mornings. above, you'll see the content of my pocket from one such late night. one dollar, one hundred and twenty-five cents, one ear plug, one gum wrapper and two free drink tokens.

now, let's enter the wide world of rhetoric and speak about another kind of pocket change -- specifically, the items i've collected over the past month that have gotten my brain buzzing and which i recommend to you.

first, the music-legend-turned-movie category. we've four entries so far. it's like the movie makers of the world united this year to make me happy.
-heima, a sigur ros film
-control, a film about joy division
-kurt cobain: about a son
-i'm not there, a film about bob dylan

and if your dylan fix has not been met:
-the wikipedia entry on his basement tapes. an interesting read.

photography and art!
- photographer timothy archibald's blog, which is delightful with every update. i especially enjoy such images as "anthropological dig in an attempt to understand a 5 year old's brain."
-pictures of photographer tim davis's audiences at various speaking engagements
-weird, cool pictures by sara code-kroll
-friend and photographer tim lytvinenko's blog, the images of which always stay on the curious side of life
-strictly no photography
-one of david alan harvey's blogs

that's it for now. more in time. and as always, i've got recent musical, literary and web links to the right, for those of you viewing the page outside of an rss feed. it's like an easter egg!