(espn game day at memorial stadium)

i spent last fall in florida, which led to being very disconnected from nebraska football, save a few visits to watch the game at the now defunct neighborhood bar "the office" in west palm beach. never much of a sports person, i was surprised to find myself missing the football season, which i had otherwise been burned out on.

well, i am back in nebraska now, and the football season is in full force. i've only shot one game, but i've assisted another and gone as a fan for the season opener. now, i'm not totally burned out, but i do find myself caring very little...except for the fact that some friends from college and i have a weekly score guessing game going, and i'm currently 17th out of 25...yes. i'm lousy.

what follows are some pictures from the past few weeks:
(nebraska game day at memorial stadium. i'm speechless, too.)

(neb vs. iowa. iowa scored some...more than they should have...as evidenced here.)

(neb vs. iowa. evidently, a win was in the cards for nebraska good for them.)