maybe los angeles, somewhere no one's expecting

i'm at the airport in portland, oregon, waiting for my red eye flight, and in celebration of that fact and pdx's free wireless network, i present the following, recent topics of discussion (in my head):

1) gladys knight and the pips!
-"it should have been me" is a ridiculously killer song.
-if i were in a band, i would try to mimic her down to every detail, especially her album covers.


2) sleeping on airplanes is the worst.
-i laid in bed for an hour this morning, thinking about how awesome it is to lay flat.
-when i traveled by bus around central and south america, i made my bed out of a bus chair often. it never got easier to sleep, and i remember staring for hours at passing costal towns illuminated fleetingly by bus headlights.

3) david sedaris.

4) what do i want to say?

-i've been doing the legwork of some potential projects recently.
-lots of brainstorming
-lots of sitting on balconies
-and this question keeps bopping around my head.

5) personal vision
-i wonder if worrying about style is beside the point in my work
-i'd rather saying something important, something relevant

6) responsibility to others as a photojournalist
-nobuyoshi araki said, "my point of departure as a photographer was love."
-my brother tim in los angeles
-my cousin jill and my soon-to-be first cousin once removed in nebraska
-i would like my departure as a photographer to be love and responsibility.

7) what's so great about having all the answers?