i've got a brand new pair of roller skates.

(the pershing center, lincoln, ne; click on the above image to be magically transported to a soundslide!)

a few weeks ago, i worked on my first self-produced soundslide. i've looked at it so many times that all i see are the things i wish i had done better. it's a learning process. one of the biggest challenges for me that i see, especially with one-night shoots like the roller derby meet, will be to strike a balance between the sound and pictures. it seems like one or the other inevitably suffers.

in this case, i felt that the photography suffered (i had only up to go with the sound!).

despite my disappointment with certain aspects of the show, really, i'm excited about the power and potential of the medium. i have a few new projects i'm working to line up for which i plan to use sound. thankfully, these are not one-night shoots. i hope that i'll be able to take the multiple days of shooting to improve the quality as a whole.

i've been trying to borrow (channel, really) sound, interview and storytelling skills from ira glass and this american life. i recommend two things: downloading the weekly podcast and donating to the show, even if only your pocket change.

also, many props and thanks to my brother matt who provided the music. he's got style for miles and miles.