far off in the distance, i can hear the bells

(san francisco church and catacombs; lima, peru)

i've been doing my best to get back to working through the pictures from my trip. i have no excuse, really, for not updating other than the fact that i've been doing a fair amount of work (and it's almost finished!) on my first soundslide project produced entirely by myself. that's chicken little for a lot of readers, i realize, but it's a big deal to me.

on another note, i'm beginning to think that my ipod might be sapient. for example, i am convinced that its favorite song is "sister isabel" (as quoted in this here blog title) by frank black and the catholics. i can count on it popping up whenever i listen on shuffle. and no, i don't think it's a glitch, thankyouverymuch. it's a matter of the ipod being sapient. fact.