pure denizen of the citizen's band

(shenandoah, iowa. memorial day parade)

oh, middle school.

on another note, i could use your help, dear f-stop-go! blog readers. inspired by a link that q sent to me the other day, i'm trying to make a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.

a few personal favorites on my list so far have been as follows (which may or may not reveal more about my lameness than intended):
01. do at least one social thing that is not photography-driven every week (1/143)
02. produce a multimedia piece all by myself
03. sell said multimedia piece
04. meet new subject for omaha project
05. devote myself to new project
06. deposit weekly whatever to roth/ira (0/143)
08. read 50 books (0.5/50)
13. do taxes without dad's help
12. send 50 hand-made postal products (0/50)
15. travel by train across more than one state
16. get back on the eaw farm
20. live in one place for more than eight months in a row
25. invest in good jazz on vinyl to the tune of 30 new albums (3/30)
28. improve my spanish, find tutor
29. start a chainmail that doesn't include curses on its recipients who fail to pass it along
30. update blog at least once a week (1/143) (ha!)

i'm only up to 32. i've got a couple other ones in my mind, of course, but i'm asking that you would be so kind as to make some suggestions. now, i want actual actions, not things like 'take things in stride' or 'exercise more' because those are already on my mental list of vague concepts and intentions.

thanks for your help!
so, please, tell me what i should do with the next 1,001 days.