hand over that rabbit fur coat.

ok. cat fur coat.

i've had a lot of photo work this week, which, i don't have to tell you, is fantastic. when i've not been working, i've pretty much exclusively been with family, which i find pretty darn nice.

for example, i shared lunch with my cousin jessica and our grandpa today.

(that's grandpa, not jessica. duh)

yesterday, my mom's side of the family came over.

(that's mom. she's on myspace . she's my number three friend and is about five times cooler than me. yep. she's big time. she's got style.)

i then helped give my aunt rose's cat, rupert, a hose shower after he had a run in with the next door neighbor's very feral cat which left cat poo (yes. poo. this is a family blog, people. don't make fun of my word choices) all over rupert's freaked-out body.

obviously, i've been busy. but there will be more trip pictures coming. tomorrow!