january, february, march, april, may, i'm alive.

i'm dropping a line to let you (the masses? mom? dad?) know we're alive. and we're currently in costa rica near the national park of manuel antonio. we spent the last few days soaking up the sun in the very surf-popular beach playa hermosa. maybe someday you'll see the pictures.

internet access seems to be few and far between, but i am thoroughly enjoying my new found freedom from my e-life, my electronic addiction (ooh! maybe i have a new email!).

our trip has gone without any major problems. as kris remarked, we have had low points and we have had high points, and we are still enjoying the ride.

we have a plane ticket for quito, ecuador on march 10th. on march 11th, we will begin our month of volunteer work in rio muchacho.

my spanish is improving bit by bit, as long as i don't mind looking like a fool every now and then. it's a beautiful language regardless and i feel very blessed to get to travel down south america way.

more to come but perhaps not for a while.