painted my name on the back of a leaf, and i watched it float away

soon, kind blog readers, i will no longer be a member of the league of the employed. it's true. after saturday, i will stop having a steady income. yesterday, on the last of my days off (soon, every day will be a weekend!), brian, the other intern and fellow nebraskan, and i got up early to drive down to the everglades, the subtropical marshlands of south florida.

we canoed with gators, and i took the picture that everybody takes when on a canoe. i couldn't help it. at least i managed to get a dude on the bridge as we passed by. he took a picture of us, so i took one of him. it's only fair.

brian left west palm today to get back to nebraska and to finish school. leaving is a little bittersweet, i must admit.

it's been a great ride.

stay tuned to find out how i'm going to spend the first part of 2007. it's exciting.