but now the great plains, forever we'll roam

in all likelihood, this entry is the last of the photo-driven posts for several months. kind readers, you're going to have to settle for a text blog. noun, verb and optional object. maybe an adjective or two. we came. we went. we danced the salsa.

there will be more on that in a bit, but first...

below you'll see two pages from a visual journal that i started a few months ago while down in west palm beach.

i started the project in an effort to gather memories. basically, i'm interested in how we develop and keep memories. my inspiration came from the visual journals of quentin lueninghoener, dan eldon and matt mallams, among others.

i've never been big on writing 'dear diary,' so the journal is created from gathered 'found objects,' whether i found them to be graphically interesting or related to a specific experience. my hope is that i will come back to the journal in several years and rather than have to pour over mundane sentences, i can see the pages, feel their texture and remember all the more vividly what i felt at the moment of their significance.

so, there's that.

next, i'd like you to consider the following picture of my buddy kris.

sometimes life takes unexpected twists. if asked six months ago, when this picture was taken, neither kris nor i would have expected that tomorrow morning before the sun rises, we would board an airplane with a final destination of mexico city and an even further destination, by bus, of quito, ecuador where we'll spend a month volunteering on an organic farm. our date of return is yet to be announced, but i know for sure that i'll be back by june.

i'll still be taking lots of pictures, but unfortunately, i won't be able to post them. you'll have to settle for noun, very and optional object. as, i said, we'll go, we'll leave, and we'll dance massive amounts of the salsa.

my hope is to learn a thing or two about the big world outside my door. i also hope to return with a better handle of the spanish language. any way of it, i'm sure that i'll find plenty to place in my journal and plenty of stories to tell.

so stick around. i swear i'll come back.