like a running back, get it, man, i'm straight off the block.

i spent my first thanksgiving away from family and friends this week. i was working, so i was pretty distracted. and there was even a thanksgiving dinner put on by the photo mom at the post. it was a good thanksgiving, i'd say, even if the happy tday wishings to my parents and brothers were over the phone or internet.

for a while, i've been forming this theory about photojournalism and experiencing life. i realized this week that my theory is pure junk.

i used to think that photojournalists don't get to experience life because we have to observe it so much. we don't go to parades for leisure. we go for work. when we go to movies, we have a tendency to pay more attention to the light and composition than the dialogue.

pure junk. to the point: who exactly gets to experience life? and what is experiencing life? it's like the feist song: gather the moments one by one. i guess that's how the future's done.

there's no right way to do things. life happens whether we are paying attention to it or not.

michael williams, 17, of west palm beach, celebrates the end of the turkey bowl football game, which was put on by the urban league of palm beach county and young hustla inc. at lake lytal park on thursday afternoon. "it's fun. it's the annual turkey bowl," williams said.