when quentin made a trip to sri lanka for the university of nebraska college of journalism and mass communications magazine publication, he returned with the elephant you see above. unknown to him, elephants have always been my favorite animal. unknown to me, elephants are a symbol of good luck in sri lanka.

i thought it fitting, then, and because i'm a sentimental sap, to add the elephant, whose trunks fell off in transport, to the list of unnecessary goods to stuff into my car for my trip south. but i almost think the unnecessary things like wooden elephants are the most important of things to bring to new places. even more important than my ten polo shirts for work! the unnecessary things are always good ways for me to remember the people i love and who love me back home or abroad.

onto a note of maintenance: i have shot a little while here. i've worked three days, mostly in orientation. i do not yet know if i am allowed to place these photos on the blog. i will find out and get back to you. but don't worry, you're not missing out on much for photos just now.