with arms outstretched.

boys town's wendy moore stretches with teammates before competing in the 400-meter relay at the nebraska high school state track meet at burke in omaha, neb., on saturday, may 20, 2006.

man, this alyssa l. schukar 30-day challenge is wearing thin! this post will mark number 21 of 30. i know some of you didn't believe i'd make it this far. i appreciate those of you who did (and were right!). updating a blog is a lot like being an athlete. you've got to set attainable goals for yourself. you have to remember that you can't just run a marathon (or a 400-meter relay) without some kind of preparation, like stretching. victory doesn't come easy. that's what makes it worthwhile.

so, kids, don't forget to eat your greens, keep an extra bottle of flintstone multiple vitamins nigh, and most importantly never, ever lose faith. keep bloggin' on.