when the summer ends.

i have something to shoot out of town and my internship isn't over until sunday, but yesterday was my last day of work in omaha. life's tendency to come just about completely round about surprised me yet again.

toward the beginning of my internship at the world-herald, they sent me to the elkhorn river where rescue workers were searching for the body of a 19-year-old woman who they suspected had been murdered. in the time that has passed, her murder has been confirmed, though her body has not been found.

yesterday, the paper sent me to memorial park to cover a prayer service and balloon releasing in honor of jessica o'grady, the slain woman. friends and family also asked passing cars on dodge street for donations to help find her body.

here, sharon johnson, of omaha, wipes tears from the face of her daughter victoria johnson, 7, during the prayer service and balloon release for o'grady. johnson said that o'grady had baby-sat victoria and her siblings.

for a number of reasons, which i won't go into, the whole event was sort of emotional for me, but it was powerful to see o'grady's loved ones release 300 balloons into the air and mourn her both individually and as a whole.

i just finished reading a book in which the author says that the greatest griefs are silent. this was true yesterday. there are no words for their loss.


this post marks the end of the 30-day challenge. don't expect to hear from me for a few days.

thanks for reading.