what is the light that you have?

i was at memorial stadium, where the huskers play football, a few weeks ago for the annual shrine bowl, which is an opportunity for skilled high schoolers to get a little practice in and give back to a good cause. i realized, as i walked around a bit looking for features before the game, that it's an unusual day where i see light shining through the stadium seating and onto the concourse below.

it took a while, but i finally caught on -- the only time i see that light is in the two hours after i arrive at the stadium and before the 80,000 plus fans flood every square inch. by the time this flood gate is opened up, the light is completely covered by, well, the butts of 80,000 fans. kind of a shame. has the potential to make a nice feature some day. well, i guess i won't be there to cover football this season anyway. also, kind of a shame.