good intentions do not post blogs.

my mother always taught me that 'good intentions do not post blogs.' and you know what? god-bless-her, she was right.

today marks a month before my internship at the omaha world-herald ends. it's been a whirlwind of events, most of which, kind weblog reader, you have seen neither hair nor hide. but that will change(!) for i am taking the alyssa l. schukar 30-day challenge. that's right. like ebenezer scrooge, on his momentous christmas day, i'm going to make my own future. it's true. like the phoenix, i will rise from the ashes in digital glory. you heard it here. i'll update one picture every day, so help me.

all right, all right. can you keep a secret? it won't be that difficult to produce a new photo at such a rate, seeing as how i have quite a few photographs that simply haven't seen the glow of the computer screen since conception or newspaper print.

my last blog was based in broken promises. 'sure, i'll update,' i'd say, and yet the page was unchanging. well, i've always believed in second chances, so i ask you, friend, to have patience with me. i'm not even asking that you check back every day. all i'm saying is, rest assured, the page will be updated for every calendar day at which i manage to arrive.

just so you know i am serious, i posted the most concerned look i am currently capable of giving for your enjoyment. YOUR enjoyment. think about that. observe the furrowed brow, the questioning eyes!